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Here’s the thing:

YOU ARE A VOICE TEACHER WHO KNOWS A THING OR TWO ABOUT TEACHING. And maybe you’ve taken a POPUP Voice Ped Class or two with me. (Because you probably wouldn’t be considering this course if you hadn’t, #amiright?)

And now you want to consolidate that knowledge through discussion and real-life application. (Because knowing a thing isn’t really knowing a thing until you’ve done the thing, #amiright?)

And you’re not afraid to get down and dirty with a bunch of other fabulous voice teachers who are just as eager to apply the thing as you are. (Because you know that learning in small groups is kind of like learning to the power of 10, #amiright?)

And you love to get your learning on in short, sweet intensives. (Because you’re running an actual voice studio over there and you do not have the time or energy to meet on a weekly basis for the rest of your life, #amiright?)

I think I’m right.

Here’s what the thing is:

  • $497 investment
  • On the weekly:
    • Monday FB Live w suggested exercises to try out during the week
    • Wednesday FB Live w suggested teaching tools & ideas to try out during the week
    • Friday Zoom Room 90-minute Q&A with rock star-level special guests & myself
  • 24/7 ongoing discussion, interaction, and application ideas over Marco Polo
  • Maximum ten participants

Here’s when the thing happens next:

March 15 to 26


April 12 to 23

– NEURODIVERSITY in the voice studio

May 10 to 21


June 7 to 18


July 12 to 23

– (bio) MALE VOICE

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