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Did I say, “productS”? As in, more than one?

Well … I was being optimistic when I said that because currently, the only product I have on offer is my online, self-directed course, The Vocal Instrument 101.

A second online, self-directed course, Voice Pedagogy 101 is in the works though!

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And if you’re not already on my mailing list, now’s the time to get on the mailing list so you can be totally in the loop for when Voice Pedagogy 101 comes out. Which: end of 2021. #fingerscrossed

In the meantime, here’s alllll the information about The Vocal Instrument 101.

(If you’re interested in booking me to deliver The Vocal Instrument 101 LIVE to your NATS Chapter, teacher group, choir, or other group of folks who might be interested, head on over to the Speaking section of the website to get more details. OR if you’d like to participate in the next The Vocal Instrument 101 LIVE weekend, click here to register.)

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