I can pinpoint a moment in my teaching that changed the game for me, it was your pedagogy power up in Grand Rapids, MI was that moment. You asked me to be specific and intentional in my feedback with the singer I was working with and since then I have set out to be much more intentional in both my teaching and my life. In lessons, I ask clients to make a decision and not default to something simply because it’s easier. I ask them to be intentional in the same way I am intentionally investing my energy into their vocal growth. I encourage them to invest an equal amount of time and energy to develop the voice that they love. I’m learning so much more about my students instruments than I ever thought I could.

It’s helped me come up with my Elizabeth Barry Teacher tagline and when I tell people about my job, I say “I get to Inspire folx to intentionally use their voices and sing their own story” and that’s the best freaking feeling in the world.

So thanks! I am the human I am today because you were intentional with me.

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