I have nothing but brilliant things to say about the Contemporary Voice Practicum! As a cross-genre teacher I was looking to up my game in contemporary techniques and, having done a couple of Dr C’s other pop-up classes, I knew I was going to love this. I was not disappointed. I feel like my tool-kit is brimming with fantastic exercises, I’ve filled in little gaps in my mind, and I was also truly inspired by the rest of the cohort and what they are doing in their studios. I also loved the Q&A with Jess Baldwyn, it gave me lots of concepts to go away and ponder and challenged some of my own biases. You see, for me, it’s not just about learning a bunch of vocal exercises. It’s also about bigger picture, challenging assumptions and learning about how to be the BEST and most kick-butt teacher in order to support my students. Shannon, thank you for continually challenging us to choose our words with care and to keep questioning.

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