I signed up for the POPUP because I’m always looking for ways to refresh and reframe my teaching. I knew that coming together with a group of people connected via Shannon would be the perfect opportunity to reflect, refresh, and reframe. My teaching schedule is not a regulated/ by-the-week structure – so I worried that there would be discussions most pertinent to that scheduling style of teaching. But, of course, that’s ridiculous. The way you schedule your studio doesn’t mean anything about someone’s teaching style or pedagogy.

I loved that our group had teachers who specialize in a wide variety of genres and who have a vast wealth of experience. I was expecting the content that you offered to be stellar – and it was! I loved that we had some sessions that were more conversational and that we also had sessions that you led. I actually really liked the variety of facebook and zoom and marco polo. And, actually, I wish we could leave our FB group active!

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