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Testimonials for DR. SHANNON COATES

Shannon Coates About me
  • A huge THANK YOU for this experience. So much more than a class, it's been a whole month of interesting conversations, stimulating materials, connections with new colleagues, new approaches and deeper learning. I loved how you used Marco Polo for our individual interactions and only wish I'd shared more. Why didn't I send you something EVERY SINGLE DAY?! The support I felt as a teacher to share vulnerabilities was incredible, and deeply meaningful. I want to do this all the time! And I expect to be digging into the materials for many weeks yet! I feel challenged and invigorated and grateful. I'll be stalking you on facebook, and looking for the next new thing from you, and also hoping our paths will cross in real life one day.

    Diane Speirs, Singer, Voice Teacher, Studio 58 Faculty, Music Director (Kelowna, Canada)

  • A fantastic and inspiring pedagogue, parent, and human.

    Rachel Rynick, Voice Teacher, Vocologist, Singer/Songwriter at Intrinsic Voice (Waltham, USA)

  • She breaks down the information in such a fun and palatable way, and you're left with REAL LIFE STRATEGIES FOR YOUR TEACHING STUDIO!

    Breanne Rourke, Voice Teacher (St. Catharines, Canada)

  • Shannon trained the CFPA voice staff in “The Vocal Instrument 101”. The information given set all of our team up to use the same language when speaking about voice ped or speaking to students, gave us an inside look at the body and how the systems work with each other and what happens when certain things are altered, the science of sound, and more. The value was far above the price, in my opinion.

    Courtney Fowler, Voice Teacher & Owner at CFPA (Paradise, Canada)

  • I'm a better teacher when I'm a student; I'm applying so much of what we're learning in the practicum directly in my studio and seeing incredible changes!

    Brandon Martinez, Voice Teacher (Boston, USA)

  • One of my great memories from October was beginning my work with Shannon Coates. Basically, she is the BOMB! Seriously, she taught me so much in just a few lessons. She has this blog where she gives away so many of her teachings FOR FREE. Yes, FOR FREE. As I read her last post this morning I thought to myself “Why haven’t I been screaming from rooftops about Shannon?”

    I know last year when we started working together I told every person I saw in person about the joy and empowerment I felt from working with her. But now I don’t see people in person much so I’m using this to say - get yourself some Shannon via her online awesomeness.

    Shannon Butcher, Singer & Voice Teacher (Toronto, Canada)

  • Her simple and straightforward way of explaining the anatomy has made it so much easier for me to explain principles to my students.

    Erin Guinup, Artistic & Executive Director at Tacoma Refugee Choir (Tacoma, USA)

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