FB Live the First

Written By Shannon Coates

On 27th February 2018

because sometimes it’s just easier to say it than to write it



Seriously though: staring-into-your-very-soul white cat wants you to try using fabric to teach big concepts to little singers.

Link-A-Doodle here.

You can teach your face off … I can help.

ps be sure to bring business cards with you to the fabric store when you go; the last time I picked up a whole bunch of fabric chunks (swathes? swatches? hunks? pieces? I DON’T KNOW), the woman in line behind me asked me why (WHY WOMAN?! WHYYYY?) and when I explained what I was using the fabric for, she asked for my card because she wanted to sign her children up for voice lessons. #unintendedrecruitmentopportunity #whoknew


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