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I love working with voice teachers in big or small groups (although, let’s be honest: I’m definitely a ‘THE MORE, THE MERRIER’ kind of person) to inspire and inform.

So if you’re interested in some #voicepedforreallife for your cohort, association, chapter, class or, you know, group of people who want to learn some stuff, fill in this form and let me know what you’re looking for so we can do some planning to make it happen!

OH! And if you’re wondering? Click on over here to see what I talk about.

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The Art of Teaching

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academic gears

Mix & Match Voice Ped Topics

  • Child Voice
  • Ageing Voice
  • Contemporary Voice
  • Neurodivergent Voice
  • Creating More Inclusive Voice Studios
  • Adolescent / Expanding Voice
  • Formants 101


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