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You know that that’s what “pedagogy” is, right?


…you kick-aShannon Coates logo SS icon voice teacher, you.

But maybe you forgot you knew that thing because you were too busy trying to figure out formants and pre-phonatory pressure and what even is Mode 1 and Mode 2, already?

Lucky you: guess what I do?

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I remind you of said kick-assery and help you figure out the other stuff. You know what stuff I mean: the stuff that makes you forget your own success!

You are a skilled and dedicated voice teacher. You are not willing to throw away the life you’ve built and your successful studio just to get a(nother!) degree or certificate. Why? Because you know that it definitely won’t acknowledge your current achievements and definitely will disrupt everything about your lifestyle that you’ve worked so hard to build. Ask me how I know.

Don’t let anyone tell you that the path to maximizing your pedagogy credentials travels exclusively through the ivory tower. Because, this little corner of the internet you’ve found, right here?

I built this for stay-put scholars who want to up those pedagogy credentials on THEIR timeline, in THEIR preferred learning mode, and from the comfort of THEIR OWN STUDIO. No ivory towers needed.

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When I’m not kicking around at Voice & The Art of Teaching HQ, you might find me hanging out with these folks:

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(member since 2015)

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(member since 2014)

The SpeakEasy Cooperative
(charter member since 2018)

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The Voice Foundation
(member since 2015)

NATS Ontario Chapter

NATS Ontario
(member since 2014)

Folks who have worked with me say the NICEST things!

  • You helped me actually understand formants!

    Nancy Anne Davis, Voice Teacher (Saukville, USA)

  • I learned more about the voice (both mine and my students') in the past month than I did throughout my entire degree!

    Lizzy Clarke, Singer/Songwriter & Singing, Music, and Performance Coach (Toronto, Canada)

  • You have such a gift for explaining difficult physiological concepts with ease and clarity.

    Matthew Otto, conductor, collaborator, educator (Toronto, Canada)

  • Shannon is incredibly flexible and thoughtful and never runs out of ideas for ways to help your singing!

    Gabriela Farias, Educator & Voice Teacher (Brampton, Canada)

  • Shannon is one of the FEW people I can learn vocal ped from and understand it and have FUN!

    Amanda Kaiser, Singer, Actor, Coach & Founder at Sing City Vocal Studio (Las Vegas, USA)

  • I feel engaged in what I do again, and empowered as an educator.

    Lisa Mulgrew, Voice Teacher (Lethbridge, Canada)

  • You’ve done a great job making something complex easy to digest.

    Meghan Dibble, Voice Teacher (Vacaville, USA)

Take a look at my story to learn more about my journey into and right on out of the ivory tower and why I’m so INVESTED in creating resources for the folks who are doing real life pedagogy.
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