introducing …

Written By Shannon Coates

On 2nd February 2018

my soooper-doooper awesome blog.

Because what the world needs is more blogs. Obviously.

adorable grey tabby cat wants to know why. [as do we all, adorable grey tabby cat. as do we all.]

the mommy blog years …

Let me explain: many moons ago when I was raising kids and teaching singing on the side, I had a (modestly popular) mommy/lifestyle blog. Which I stopped because: FACEBOOK (oh, and because: going back to school to learn all the #voicepedthings … but that’s a whole other blog post). I wrote that blog because I like writing and because diaries are annoying to me (I mean, NO ONE BUT YOU READS YOUR DIARY. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT?*). And in the process of writing a blog, I found a wonderful community, most of whom I now get to see every day on FaceBook (hello darling Ilonka!). Or on TV (you know, if I watched TV) (howdy Pioneer Woman!).

The Vocal Instrument 101

So now I’m developing The Vocal Instrument 101 into an online series for voice teachers and I want to begin to create community around the series especially for newer or less-experienced independent voice teachers … and this blog is part of that plan.

full-of-disdain black tabby cat gets it. but s/he would like you to know that there are a lot of singing teachery blogs out there already so …

Okay. Yeah. THAT’S FAIR FULL-OF-DISDAIN BLACK TABBY CAT. THAT IS FAIR. And, for your information, here are links to some of my favourites:

But you know what? THEY’RE NOT ME!

[yeah … I went there]

Also? My blog will be accompanied by videos. Because, UNIQUE CONTENT YO’ (and also, #notgonnalie, I like being on camera*).

grumpy ginger tabby cat wants in. on condition that those videos are oscar-worthy. like, OSCAR-FREAKING-WORTHY.


Okay, so here’s what you do: definitely click on the ‘sign-up to get emails every time a blog post goes up’ button (and, by “definitely do this”, I mean, “do this if you really like having a fuller inbox than you already have”), and like The Vocal Instrument 101 FaceBook Page (because that’s where those OSCAR-FREAKING-WORTHY videos will likely show up first), and then sit back and wait for your very own singing teachery stuff to be delivered to your (already over-flowing) inbox. IT’S MAGIC.

[wait. too far with the cat pictures? probably too far with the cat pictures. but this one is INCREDIBLE, is it not? check out @sheblackdragon on FB for more]

OH! And send me some questions. The first few posts will mostly be answers (which just autocorrected to “answears” which, WHY? I think we all know that “answears” is NOT A WORD. Although … now that I look at it … ) to questions that voice teachers have asked me recently so … if I never got back to you in person? This is why. (Also: soooorrryyy!!)

Alright. Let’s do this thing.

You can teach your face off … I can help.

* Yes. I am an extrovert. Why do you ask?


  1. Allison

    Yay!!! So fun!! I’m totes-ma-goats subscribing!!!!

  2. Alaina

    Woohoo! I’m so excited for future updates! Subscribing now!

    • Alaina

      Ok, so I’m actually not seeing the subscribe button, but I AM following your facebook page already, so hopefully I’ll see everything there?

    • Shannon Coates

      YAY!! Subscription button is now up and ready to be of service. #veryhandy

  3. Karen

    This is so fantabulous!!! I am loving getting to know you and all of your unbelievable mountain of knowledge, more and more. ?

    • Shannon Coates


  4. Kira Braun


  5. Kira Braun

    Oops wrong link!

  6. Brian Lee

    Congrats and thanks Shannon! Looking forward to reading it.

  7. Ilonka Michelle O'Neil

    Congrats on your bouncing baby blog Shannon! May it grow and grow! <3

    • Shannon Coates

      Yours was one of the VERY FIRST blogs I ever read, IMO’N. #inspired <3

  8. vanessalong

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Too many cat photos is NOT a thing.

  9. Leah Kennedy


  10. Liz

    Great post!

  11. Melissa

    Lol @ Vanessa! And it’s true. I enjoyed every single cat photo. The blog was ok, too. ?? Congrats!

  12. Rachel Goldenberg

    Subscribed! Can’t wait to read more!

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