mantra for festival-attending voice teachers

Written By Shannon Coates

On 6th November 2018

repeat after me

  1. I am good at what I do. But what I do is NOT WHO I AM.
  2. I offer my students wonderful performance opportunities. And I help them prepare for those opportunities to the best of my ability.
  3. My students’ performances do not increase or decrease my value as a voice teacher (see point 2). OR AS A PERSON (see point 1).
  4. There are other great teachers out there and I am not the right teacher for every singer on the planet. [I may or may not need to repeat this one a few hundred thousand more times. Maybe get it tattooed to my forehead. Ahem.]






ps check out my friend Michelle’s FB Live on this subject. she’s wearing a filter that makes her look like a hippy. #sotheresthat


  1. M.J. Johnson

    Well said! (will go repeat a hundred times now)

    • Shannon

      Me too!!!! lol!

  2. Althea Di Gregorio

    I AM NOT THE RIGHT TEACHER FOR EVERY SINGER ON THE PLANET. …well ain’t that the truth – I had a talented student who just didn’t ‘get’ me, or I her…struggled to get through that process until she discontinued classes…FAST FORWARD several years later, I run into her – she’s all ‘growd’ up and attending university in a vocal program! YAY I say and continued success with your studies…and she responds something to the effect: “if it hadn’t been for you, I never would have been here” and “I’m doing well so thank you for standing by me”….all this to say, you sometimes DO NOT KNOW the impact you have on these young minds…thanks for listening

    • Shannon Coates

      I HEAR YOU!!! You just never know. <3

  3. Carolyn Lykkemark

    You wrote this just for me, right?! #causeitsalwaysaboutme

    • Shannon Coates

      LOL!!! I totally wrote it just for me. But seeing as we’re kind of similar people? I TOTALLY WROTE IT JUST FOR YOU TOO.

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