one size voice ped

Written By Shannon Coates

On 9th February 2019

I’ve recently started attending Yin Yoga classes on the regular. (Because: I like paying to nap while I stretch. Ahem.) And the instructor of the class I like to attend is at least fifteen centimeters (six inches) shorter than I am and has a totally different body-type than I do.

Which: cool.

But also which: when the instructor uses a bolster and a block to set up a pose for her body? I usually need to use at least two blocks and maybe an extra pillow or three (in addition to the bolster). Because: I’ve got a solid half-foot of height in my body that she doesn’t have to account for.

Not gonna’ lie: It took me about three classes (despite her telling the class to use whatever or however many props we need) to figure this out. I wasted a LOT of good napping time trying to contort my body into poses using props that only work for a much smaller person. DANGNABBIT.

Guess what? The person across the piano from you in the studio has a different body type from you. Maybe not to the same extent as the difference between my yoga instructor and I, but different none-the-less.

Which is why ‘one-size-fits-all’ directives can be so problematic and one of the reasons learning to sing by reading about it isn’t really a thing. And one of the primary reasons we continue to ask open-ended questions in the studio and restrain ourselves from telling folks how it feels.



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