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Written By Shannon Coates

On 4th November 2018

future singer thanks you

Seth Godin says:

Twelve years from now, your future self is going to thank you for something you did today, for an asset you began to build, a habit you formed, a seed you planted.

Even if you’re not sure of where it will lead, today’s the day to begin.

And I muse about what things we can encourage the singers we work with to start now (like, right now) that their future selves will thank them for …

Steaming every day? Choosing one great singer in their fach/voice type/style to listen to every day for a month? Developing a hydration habit? Doing a character study on a role that they aren’t ready to perform yet? Finding the perfect warm up and cool down for their voice? Investing in an acting course? Discovering who the incredible sound people are in their town? Taking a dance class? Learning how to learn music? Taking a song-writing course?

I come from a long line of pastors so I’m pretty sure I’ve heard every harvesting analogy out there. Choose your favourite one. And know that you have control over what future singer thanks you for.





ps my friend Vanessa says this too. only she’s WAY DEEPER than I am.


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