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Expanding & Adolescent Voice

Ya’ know what?

The prevailing -ahem- wisdom used to be that people should wait until after puberty to take voice lessons. And that, until puberty, they should take piano lessons and join a choir. And, that people might injure themselves if they DID take voice lessons before or during puberty.

In fact?

I’ve even read about voice teachers who said that people should wait until they were SIXTEEN YEARS OLD to take voice lessons.

Which: whaaaat? If we independent voice teachers only worked with people who were sixteen or older? Some of us would drop our studio population by 75%. #amiright?

So, if you’ve got a studio full of people who are under sixteen years old (or you wanna’ have one), this is a class where you can get the anatomy & physiology info you need to understand exactly what’s going on in those pubertal bodies so you can work with them even more efficiently than you already do. And with no fear of injury.

NOTE: this class will NOT help you to understand the adolescent mind. In no way can I help with that. In fact, if you figure that out? Maybe write a book about it or something. I would buy that book in a heartbeat. #justsayin

Soon this class will be a stand-alone, self-directed mini-course – be sure to join the #voicepedrev(olution) mailing list to be the first to know when it’s ready!

Here’s what some of the #reallifevoiceteachers who have participated in past POPUP Voice Ped Classes have to say about them:

  • I needed a bit of time to process the amazing vocal ped weekend that we just shared, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for doing what you do. I've been in a bit of a... slump. All things considered, my life is pretty great and my pandemic experience has been better than most, but I haven't felt... inspired in a while, artistically or otherwise. I was still teaching my kids, but feeling mediocre at it, at best. For the first time in basically all of my life I have basically stopped singing, and even weirder for me is that I didn't feel compelled to do anything about it. And then I heard you speak on a podcast a few months ago and the way you were talking about your course... it was like it was you were speaking right to my soul, like this course was created specifically for me. The gaps that I've been feeling in my teaching didn't have to be permanent- there were resources available to me, things I could do NOW to be a better teacher for my students. Your course was everything I was hoping for and more. I feel engaged in what I do again, and empowered as an educator, excited to have these new tools. What I wasn't expecting to get out of this weekend was an excitement and urge to sing again. I am inspired and invigorated to get back into the studio and try out all of these great ideas, and I feel more like me than I have in a while.

    Lisa Mulgrew, Voice Teacher (Lethbridge, Canada)

  • She can take her vast wealth of knowledge, experience, and research, and compile it into practical, immediately relatable, easy to understand concepts in vocal pedagogy.

    Rebecca Gulbranson, Voice & Piano Teacher, Founder at Dolce Melodies Studio (Herriman, USA)

  • Shannon's insightful and incredibly knowledgeable guidance on aspects of my teaching was invaluable!

    Gabriela Farias, Educator & Voice Teacher (Brampton, Canada)

  • It was invaluable to have Shannon's insightful and incredibly knowledgeable guidance on aspects of my teaching. She helped me get really specific about providing concise feedback to my students during their voice lessons. This meant less talking for me and more singing for my students; not to mention more meaningful instructions and better results from my singers! Win, win!

    Gabriela Farias, Educator & Voice Teacher (Brampton, Canada)

  • I am a singer and voice teacher from India and I primarily focus on training young voices. I look for opportunities to learn more and update myself in vocal pedagogy and techniques pertaining to children and I decided to attend Dr. Shannon Coates’ Voice Pedagogy Practicum - Child Voice. The course was fantastic and we all learnt soooo much. The knowledge sharing through Marco Polo with voice teachers from across the globe, daily interactions and ingenious ideas by everyone, the amazing session with the one and only Ms. Nikki Loney and last but not least the fabulous Dr. Coates’ with her wealth of information, warmth and vivacious energy made this an absolutely wonderful and enriching experience. Thank you so much

    Tatum D'Souza, Singer, Voice Teacher, Founder at The Vocal Studio (Mumbai, India)

  • Engaging, Thorough, Truthful

    Erin Milley-Patey, Voice Teacher (Port Elgin, Canada)

  • Lots of great take-always and practical suggestions!

    Cynthia Vaughn, Voice Educator (Richland, USA)

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