12 days of twang farm* … and other cool things folx are doing on the internets at the mo …

Written By Shannon Coates

On 19th December 2019

*Yeah. You read that right. TWANG FARM.

A bunch of friends and colleagues are doing some very cool (and FREEEEE!) tutorials and informational segments on the socials in the lead-up to Christmas and I thought you might want to know. (Did I mention? FREEEEE VOICE PED?!?)

So here’s a wee listy-list to add to your (FREEE!!) seasonal #voicepedding (what? I can make up hashtags #likeitsgoinoutofstyle. It’s one thing that I am TRULY GOOD AT. ahem.).

1. Tom Burke’s 12 Days of Twang Farm

Tom Burke holding a straw and smiling

Look folx, Tom’s been a leading voice (see what I did there?) in contemporary singing for a loooong time (ie: he really knows what he’s talking about). And he does a lot of WAY COOL STUFF that you might wanna’ check out. AND? He’s super-fun to watch.

And right now? He’s doin’ ye ol’ 12 Days of Twang Farm where he talks about the way we can use different animal sounds in the studio to (shape the vocal tract so that we) create various kinds of contemporary sounds.

(NOTE: Way over in Classical Voice Land, the “twang corollary sounds” are generally known as: ping or ring or chiaro (#sooofancyright?) or focus or brightness or forward sound (or whatEVER. Because: Classical Voice Ped goes back a long way and spans many (Western / European) countries so there’s a WHOLE LOT OF HISTORY AND LANGUAGES to draw on to find just exactly that right word to describe ALL THE THINGS.). And, in some cases, classical voice studios are using ‘twang’, now. #truestory)

Check out: Tom Burke Voice Studio on FB for even more great resources.

2. Sarah Whitten’s Movement Advent


Here’s the thing: Sarah knows the body. AND she knows singing. WHICH: FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH. But also: her work will change your (singing) life. #pinkyswear

Here’s what she’s doing this season: oh … just a movement video EVERY DAY OF ADVENT (which, for those who may not be all up with the Christian religious calendar, is 1st Dec to 24th/25th Dec.). So, LIKE, AT LEAST 24 VIDEOS.

THIS IS HUGE. (yes. I am aware that I am shouting. And I need you to know that THAT IS HOW I ROLE WHEN I AM EXCITED, YO.)

So get on over to Sarah’s Instagram (@vocalyogi) and follow the heck out of that. #forreals.

3. Sheri Sanders’s 12 Days of Aunt Sheri Said to Me


I mean, Sheri doesn’t really need an introduction, #amiright? But just in case: she’s OFF THE HIZZLE FOR SHIZZLE. (And, yes, my teenager used this phrase once. And, no, I don’t really understand it. And, yes, it’s likely waaay out of use now. And, no, I don’t have a definition. And, yes, I enjoy watching my teenagers role their eyes at me.)

12 Days of Aunt Sheri Said to Me is #somekindofgenius, friends. #justsayin. Everything you ever wanted to know about contemporary auditions distilled into 12 pithy sayings delivered with SO MUCH SIGNATURE SHERI SASS that you CAN’T EVEN.

Follow on Facebook or Insta (@rocktheaudition). OR BOTH. I AM NOT JUDGING YOU FOR THE TIME YOU SPEND ON THE SOCIALS. (I reserve those special feels for me and me alone. ahem.)

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. #happyholidays and #happyvoicepedding.


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