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Written By Shannon Coates

On 30th November 2019

(also: one-year anniversary shenanigans)

Recently, a friend and colleague posted something on one of the Voice Teacher FaceBook Groups that broke my heart a little bit.

So I sat on down and went live over in my FaceBook Page, The Vocal Instrument 101 to talk about that.

This is the resulting video.

It’s about 11 minutes long and my heart is out there on the screen because independent teachers sometimes think that they are ‘less than’ or even that they’re impostors because, well, somehow I missed what a thyroid tilt is or why it’s important in the voice studio and those folx over there seem to think it’s the only reason to teach so maybe I am not doing right by my students because I am not even sure I could landmark the thyroid in my own body never mind notice if or when it is tilting in someone else’s and I just stopped saying “breathe from the diaphragm a few months ago” so maybe that is why Madison only got silver at the last competition she participated in?

And that right there? That spiral of horror that so many of us know all too well? That’s the reason I developed my online course, The Vocal Instrument 101 in the first place.

Because: no.


And here’s a thing that can help you fill in some of the gaps and it’s on offer for 25% OFF because, well, birthdays and such.

YOU keep teaching your ever-loving face off. I’m gonna’ be right here cheering you the heck on. And doing what I can to give you even better teaching tools while I’m at it.

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