a matter of intention [cont.]

Written By Shannon Coates

On 30th July 2019

A few weeks back, I wrote about working with Alexander Technique Teacher, Alison Jane Taylor and how changing my intention around listening and observing the singers I work with re-coordinated my body alignment and posture in some very cool ways.

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[yeah … I’m in summer mode now … ]

Guess what? I’ve been experimenting with a little intention redirection with the singers I work with [I know. I AM SO VERY SNEAKY.] and … wouldn’t you know it? We found some interesting new directives that helped to re-coordinate their bodies!

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let’s see now … which to share …

working with a singer who collapses the upper body or whose shoulders tend to lock forward? rather than asking them to stand up straight or to keep the shoulders released, try:

  • dividing the sternum in half (IN YOUR IMAGINATION, OF COURSE ) and sending each half of the sternum to the opposite side of the room at the same time
  • imagining the shoulder blades are in love with each other and want to touch (BUT NOT IN A GROSS WAY)
  • visualizing wearing the largest epaulets known to mankind and allowing the shoulders to expand into them (KIND OF LIKE ‘NOBLE POSTURE’ BUT NOT SO, YOU KNOW, STUCK)
  • having a dinosaur tail (DO THIS FOR REAL IF YOU CAN. AND THEN SEND ME THE PICTURES) that allows the body to release backward and find a more open and grounded stance (THANK YOU SARAH WHITTEN FOR THIS FABULOUS VISUALIZATION)
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[I mean, maybe don’t be an angry dinosaur, BUT IF THE TAIL FITS … ]

how do you change intention to coordinate the body in your studio? #imcurious



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