friday fav five – 18|04|27

Written By Shannon Coates

On 28th April 2018

You guys. April is trying to kill me.*

So, in celebration of APRIL BEING ALMOST OVER, here is the final Friday Fav Five of April: the #freebieftw edition.  Because? There are VOICE TEACHER SMARTIE PANTSES offering FREEBIES ALL OVER THE INTERNETS. And if you want to increase the smartness of your own pants? YOU CAN DO THIS THING FOR FREE.

1. favourite *freebie* facebook lives: Meribeth Dayme

I mean, OF COURSE FaceBook Lives are free. But these FaceBook Lives from Meribeth Dayme? Are like mini-sessions in teaching AWESOMENESS. And did I mention? FREE.

meribeth dayme for free? say what now?

2. favourite *freebie* bloggish-thinggie: David Jones

Look, David Jones posts these bloggish-thinggies to FaceBook on the semi-regular. And all you have to do to read them? Is join his FaceBook page. It is just THAT EASY to get SEMI-REGULAR input from DAVID JONES.  Also? FREE.

david jones? now you’re just gratuitously name dropping, human.


3. favourite *freebie* YouTube channel: SingWise with Karyn O’Connor

Again, yes, OF COURSE YouTube is free. Just click ‘Subscribe’ and tonnes of singing-teachery goodness will be delivered to your inbox in video form. Yes. You read that correctly: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ. Aaaand? FREE.

we are all looking the same way because there is a screen with karyn’s youtube channel playing on repeat play over there and we are enthralled. we do not understand anything she is saying. but we don’t care because we are cats. and moving pictures enthrall us.


4. favourite *freebie* newsletter:

YES. Newsletters are also usually free. But this particular free one? HAS SO MUCH GOOD INFORMATION IN IT YOU’RE GOING TO BE BLOWN AWAY BY ITS AWESOMENESS. So go on over and click ‘Join the Newsletter’.

the level of name droppery in this one post is extreme. even for YOU, human.


5. favourite *freebie* podcast: Every Sing with Nancy Bos


i don’t actually know what a podcast is but i DO know that i love that woman’s voice. BRING ON THE PODCAST-THINGGIE, HUMAN. I NEED TO HEAR MORE NANCY BOS IN MY LIFE.

Go on … join, subscribe, sign up, get in on the FREEBIES. It’s the least you can do to help me make it through April alive.*

And until then,

You can teach your face off … I can help.**

* Click here for live (FREE) footage of me trying to get through April.

** I’m aware that this sentence may not make sense. But I am so close to dead (BECAUSE: APRIL) that I am not able to correct it.

*** In May. I can help in May. Or maybe June (because May is going to try to pick up where April left off). But I can DEFINITELY HELP BEFORE SUMMER. And by “definitely”, I mean “probably”. MOST PROBABLY.

ps ALL of my favourite FREEBIES come from folks who are throwing free content out there because they want you to get to know them and trust them so that you will invest in their paid content. And you know what? If you love their free content? You’re probably gonna’ wanna’ go on and invest in their product. Because you can bet that their product is even more awesome than their free content and TOTALLY WORTH THE INVESTMENT. #justsayin


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