Neuro-Vocal Method- Voice Pedagogy Interview.

Interview with Dr. Shannon Coates – Meredith interviews vocal ped Queen Shannon Coates!


Air Date: 31 August, 2020

Neuro-Vocal Method

Host: Meredith Colby

“OK. I know this has probably happened to you.You have a niggling question…you know that the zygomaticus muscle has some relationship to the pharynx and vocal tract shape, but you don’t know how. It’s playing in your head like a looping Bee Gees chorus.
You finally decide to go ask your good friend Google, and Google gives you nothing. Bupkis. Nada. Nothing at all. Frustrating, right?
Well, when I recently experienced this all-too-common situation, I pulled out my VIP card and messaged Shannon Coates. Because of the afore-mentioned card, and because she’s a nice Canadian (I know…redundant), she got back to me and we talked voice physiology for an hour over coffee. Now, because I am so often thinking of YOU, friends, I asked Shannon if she’d come and nerd out with us on my Monday Live. And SHE SAID YES! So I’m psyched and hope you are, too! Kindly Dr. Coates is going to talk with us about voice ped for real life – which, as you know, is my TOTAL jam – and about how she helps voice teachers APPLY their ped-smarts in their studios. Real stuff, in real time. If you already know Shannon, I know you’ll be there. Cuz who doesn’t want to listen ANY TIME THEY CAN to this sassy, smart, super-nice pedagogy queen? And if you DON’T know Shannon, you HAVE to be there! Because! You have to meet Shannon!”

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