pizza vs champagne mindset

Written By Shannon Coates

On 12th November 2018

It’s possible for us to get along. All of us voice teachers in the world. AND EVEN IN OUR SMALL TOWNS. (This post was prompted, by the way, by the super-love one of my colleagues displayed at our local festival when several of us were in the room and she just brought us all close and asked if we would like to go out together sometime. Just because she likes us and wants to hang out. Which made us all a little teary. Because: A VOICE TEACHER WHO WANTS TO HANG OUT WITH THE OTHER VOICE TEACHERS IN THEIR TOWN?! What?)

And? It’s possible for us all to teach as many students as we want to teach. Yes, EVEN IN OUR SMALL TOWNS.

To paraphrase Seth Godin’s blog post from today, students aren’t pizza. If you have one pizza and you share it with a group of people, no one will be happy. Because there’s never enough pizza to go around. (And there’s always that one guy who eats half of the pizza before other people even get a chance to eat one slice.)

Students are like champagne at a big fancy party (I am definitely NOT paraphrasing Seth Godin now, just FYI); the more you drink, the more there is. And there’s joy and celebration and sharing. Because champagne is for sharing, not hogging.

Okay. Maybe my metaphor isn’t quite a tight as Seth’s is. But you get the gist, right?

The first step to being a big ol’ generous teacher with fabulous colleagues, is to move away from the scarcity mindset (AKA pizza-brain) that tells us that if THEY have a full studio, there won’t be enough students for me. And move into the luxurious largesse that comes from doing right by our students and pouring champagne for our colleagues.



  1. MsChicksinger

    Any reference with champagne has my attention! And, yes scarcity mindset is thought to get rid and the best thing any of us can do. thank you for such an eloquent way of helping us all gain bigger and better studios!

    • Shannon Coates

      lol!!! champagne it is! (don’t get me wrong: I love me some pizza too … ) And: MY PLEASURE.

  2. Rita Castillo

    No more pizza brain! Champagne for everyone! I love this post. Thank you for sharing what has been my thinking all along.

    • Shannon Coates

      CHAMPAGNE FOR EVERYONE!!! Agreed!! <3

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