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The VoicePed UnDegree

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What an incredible ride this #voicepedjourney is, eh?

One day, you think, “hey, maybe I’ll try this voice teaching thing out because this 9-5 in a financial office is really not for me” (and you also think, “I should probably try it now, while I am on 12-month paid parental leave after having my first kid” (because: Canadian)) and …

Several randomly-placed, brass-coloured cogs lay on a dark grey, patterned surface.

… it turns out you love that teaching gig WAY MORE than you thought you would so you give notice at your 9-5 and …

… you realize real quick that you wanna’ be WAY BETTER at this teaching thing than you are so, a decade after graduating with a degree in vocal performance, you go back to school to get a masters degree in vocal performance, specializing in voice pedagogy and …

… then you sign up to get a doctoral degree too because, you know, why not? It’s not like they’re hard or anything, right? (oh yeah; totes easy. ahem) and …

… you have the privilege of TAing for an undergraduate voice pedagogy class (nearly two decades after having taken it in your undergraduate degree), which eventually leads to teaching said class and …

… you love the snot out of teaching that class and …

… it turns out that you’re pretty good at teaching that class and …

… you join forces with a badass business coach who supports your dream to create a voice pedagogy course for independent voice teachers so they don’t have to go back to school like you did and …

… then a pandemic hits, accelerating your time table for developing more of those kinds of courses and making it perfectly normal to do those courses online from anywhere in the world and …

THEN you’re all:

I need to make a WHOLE THING for independent voice teachers so they can get a FULL ON VOICE PEDAGOGY DEGREE without leaving their lives and careers to do so, don’t I?! And …

your badass business coach AND all of your business-besties (who you met through said badass business coach) are like: yeah. YEAH, YOU REALLY DO NEED TO MAKE THAT THING … just don’t call it a “degree”, mkay? We all have a little trauma around that word and our experiences in academic institutions weren’t one hundred percent awesome so …

… you’re just like, “okaydoke. I’ll make this thing and I’ll call it the opposite of a degree so people will know that while it’s structured kind of like a degree, it’s gonna’ have all the stuff in it that degrees can’t offer and …

… it’ll be ready for independent voice teachers to sign up for by June 2022 and it’ll start in September 2022 and …

… we’ll have core curriculum and electives and labs and practicums and assessments that don’t suck and …

well, I can’t wait.

GAH! I can’t EVEN with these fabulous voice teachers!

  • I signed up for the POPUP because I'm always looking for ways to refresh and reframe my teaching. I knew that coming together with a group of people connected via Shannon would be the perfect opportunity to reflect, refresh, and reframe. My teaching schedule is not a regulated/ by-the-week structure - so I worried that there would be discussions most pertinent to that scheduling style of teaching. But, of course, that's ridiculous. The way you schedule your studio doesn't mean anything about someone's teaching style or pedagogy.

    I loved that our group had teachers who specialize in a wide variety of genres and who have a vast wealth of experience. I was expecting the content that you offered to be stellar - and it was! I loved that we had some sessions that were more conversational and that we also had sessions that you led. I actually really liked the variety of facebook and zoom and marco polo. And, actually, I wish we could leave our FB group active!

    Maureen Batt, Soprano, Teacher, Artistic Director, Recording Artist (Halifax, Canada)

  • VERY good info - thank you so much!!

    Holly Boaz, Soprano & Voice Teacher (Seattle, USA)

  • Engaging teaching style and passion for all things singing

    Nikki Loney, Owner/Author/Publisher at Full Voice Music (Hemford, Canada)

  • It's so wild that we instinctively know how to do this without thinking about it! This information is validating and freeing to hear!

    Natalie Ford Sajdak, Voice Teacher (Milwaukee, USA)

  • I have to give another shout out to Shannon Coates for her Vocal Instrument 101 online course. Her simple and straightforward way of explaining the anatomy has made it so much easier for me to explain principles to my students. I've been teaching for over 20 years and I feel like I can finally explain what needs to happen for a student to find "head voice" and my beginning adult students are totally getting it. I can't recommend it enough. Thanks Shannon!

    Erin Guinup, Artistic & Executive Director at Tacoma Refugee Choir (Tacoma, USA)

  • You want to revolutionize your teaching and up your game in teaching voice to amazing new levels of professionalism and understanding? Then look no further than the fantabulous Shannon Coates!! She continues to amaze me at how she can take her vast wealth of knowledge, experience, and research, and compile it into practical, immediately relatable, easy to understand concepts in vocal pedagogy. She extends compassion and care to those she mentors or teaches. Her passion for vocal pedagogy is contagious. I love her enthusiasm and fun personality, she makes vocal pedagogy exciting and sooo much fun! . I just recently finished her child voice pedagogy course and loved the structure and flow of the course. Every single time I do a course with Shannon or learn anything from her, I love how I can immediately put to work what I have been taught. I quickly see exciting results in my growth as a teacher, and in the growth and capabilities of my singing students. I plan to continue to invest in vocal pedagogy courses from Shannon, she truly is amazing! You are missing out if you have not taken a course from her yet.

    Rebecca Gulbranson, Voice & Piano Teacher, Founder at Dolce Melodies Studio (Herriman, USA)

  • You’ve done a great job making something complex easy to digest.

    Meghan Dibble, Voice Teacher (Vacaville, USA)

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  • The Science of Sound
  • Respiration
  • Phonation
  • Resonance
  • Registration


  • Child Voice
  • Expanding Voice
  • Ageing Voice
  • Contemporary & Classical Technique


  • How We Learn
  • Motor Learning Theory & Application to Teaching Voice
  • Classroom Education Best Practices & Theories & Application to The Independent Voice Studio
  • Diagnosing, Modeling, & Demonstration
  • Communication & Feedback
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