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Testosterone-Influenced Voice

Something I’m asked A LOT by voice teachers is, “what do I need to know to teach singing to men?”

So I put together one of my POPUP Voice Ped Classes on the subject in 2020 and – wouldn’t you know it? – that class still holds the record for the MOST participants out of ALL of the POPUP Voice Ped Classes I’ve ever offered.

Aaaand … before I go any further, I want to be clear that, when we’re talking about “male” and “female” voices, what we’re really talking about is, larger larynxes & vocal tracts and smaller larynxes & vocal tracts, and the various options that those larynxes & vocal tracts have when producing vocal sounds in specific frequency (or pitch) ranges. Guess what the major contributing factor is to that size difference in larynxes & vocal tracts? The extent to which a larynx & vocal tract was influenced by testosterone as it changed through puberty. Yep. Just that.

So, THAT’s why I use the language I do. (If you’re interested in a more in-depth discussion around gender and voice and vocal tract sizes, scroll on down and take a look at the Live Office Hours I did with Liz Jackson Hearns earlier this year.)


Exactly why is this subject so popular?

I have a feeling it has to do with a bunch of factors including that …

the majority of independent voice teachers were trained to sing in specific (ie higher) ranges, by teachers who were also trained that way …
so the majority of independent voice teachers are out there teaching with no explicit OR implicit understanding of what it feels and sounds like to sing with a larger larynx & vocal tract in lower pitch ranges.

I mean … that’s it, really.

We just haven’t had the experience for ourselves AND no one has ever really explained it to us.


that’s what we’re going to do in this POPUP Voice Ped Class:

Talk about the anatomy & physiology and the science-y stuff behind what happens when a person with a larger larynx & vocal tract wants to sing lower frequencies (or pitches).

That’s it. Easy-peasy. #pinkyswear

* Scrolling to find that video of the Live Office Hours I did with Liz Jackson Hearns? SCROLL NO FURTHER.


  • 90 minute class
  • $97 CAD
  • Wed, 24th November
  • 10AM et
  • Delivered over zoom

Can’t make the live class? No worries! The class recording is available for 21 days to everyone who registers in advance.

When you register, you’ll get an email with all the deets re signing in to the class. AND you’ll get a few reminder emails as well. Because who doesn’t function better with a few reminders? #amiright?


Popup voiceped class for testosterone-influenced voice.

Here’s what some of the #reallifevoiceteachers who have participated in past POPUP Voice Ped Classes have to say about them:

  • You want to revolutionize your teaching and up your game in teaching voice to amazing new levels of professionalism and understanding? Then look no further than the fantabulous Shannon Coates!! She continues to amaze me at how she can take her vast wealth of knowledge, experience, and research, and compile it into practical, immediately relatable, easy to understand concepts in vocal pedagogy. She extends compassion and care to those she mentors or teaches. Her passion for vocal pedagogy is contagious. I love her enthusiasm and fun personality, she makes vocal pedagogy exciting and sooo much fun! . I just recently finished her child voice pedagogy course and loved the structure and flow of the course. Every single time I do a course with Shannon or learn anything from her, I love how I can immediately put to work what I have been taught. I quickly see exciting results in my growth as a teacher, and in the growth and capabilities of my singing students. I plan to continue to invest in vocal pedagogy courses from Shannon, she truly is amazing! You are missing out if you have not taken a course from her yet.

    Rebecca Gulbranson, Voice & Piano Teacher, Founder at Dolce Melodies Studio (Herriman, USA)

  • I am a singer and voice teacher from India and I primarily focus on training young voices. I look for opportunities to learn more and update myself in vocal pedagogy and techniques pertaining to children and I decided to attend Dr. Shannon Coates’ Voice Pedagogy Practicum - Child Voice. The course was fantastic and we all learnt soooo much. The knowledge sharing through Marco Polo with voice teachers from across the globe, daily interactions and ingenious ideas by everyone, the amazing session with the one and only Ms. Nikki Loney and last but not least the fabulous Dr. Coates’ with her wealth of information, warmth and vivacious energy made this an absolutely wonderful and enriching experience. Thank you so much

    Tatum D'Souza, Singer, Voice Teacher, Founder at The Vocal Studio (Mumbai, India)

  • I feel engaged in what I do again, and empowered as an educator.

    Lisa Mulgrew, Voice Teacher (Lethbridge, Canada)

  • I am currently doing a Voice Ped Practicum with Shannon and a group of fabulous voice teachers. The Practicum gave me an opportunity to dive into learning in a hands on, non traditional way that sparked my excitement, interest and curiosity. My co-workers have noticed my joy at work, which is in part due to having our classes spaced out to meet restrictions (which gives me time to BREATHE), but also due to the fact I am excited to go in to work and see RESULTS in my students. I feel valuable. I know when I meet an issue I don’t understand, I have a support group to offer help, insight, and the most current research around any given topic. If we don’t know, we learn together. I am asking questions and getting answers. I am finding new sounds within myself. I am finding myself practicing more, making plans, and dreaming. I am literally full of happiness because I feel I have found something special in what Shannon offers to people like me (aka voice teachers who have not received their doctorate in voice but are successfully working in the field). My confidence is soaring because of the knowledge I have and the results I am seeing.

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