Fri Fav Five – 31|01|20

Written By Shannon Coates

On 31st January 2020

(the Voice Pedagogy STARTER KIT Edition)

Folx ask me AAALLLL the time about resources to start their #voiceped journey … so for today’s #FRIFAVFIVE? I’m gonna’ throw down five of my favourite free (that’s why they’re in the STARTER KIT, friends*) voice ped resources.


1. If you’re an interactive reader, my friends over at VoiceScienceWorks have got. your. back.


START HERE if you’re looking for scientifically accurate (yet succinct!) descriptions of how the voice works + visuals + recommended books + ALL THE THINGS YOU EVER WANTED TO START YOUR VOICE PED JOURNEY. Seriously. I can’t recommend this site highly enough. (especially if you prefer to get your info through words on the page. erm … screen. ahem.)

2. If you’re a listener (and you teach primarily contemporary styles), John Henny makes a podcast (and other very cool resources!) just. for. you.

John Henny Vocal Studio

NOTE: John’s earlier podcast episodes are reaaaallly juicy and tackle big ol’ topics all at once, whereas his later ones tend to cover specific, smaller chunks of information. Which: I’m not complaining; just letting you know what you’re getting yourself into if you decide to take a listen.

3. If you have an independent studio that includes under-18s? You are gonna’ thank me SO HARD for introducing you to The Full Voice.

From the Full Voice Blog to the Full Voice Podcast to the Full Voice Freebie Friday Resources? You will find #ALLLLLthethings to help you teach your face off LIKE A GOD. #pinkyswear (#protip: get on the Full Voice Mailing List ASAP and never miss a notification about the free stuff when it comes out.)

4. If you love nerding out to live #voiceped discussions, Mike Elson over at gives you the opportunity every. danged. week.

Image may contain: 5 people, people sitting and text

Seriously, friends. Excellent Voice Ped discussions with excellent voice teachers every week. Like/Follow the FaceBook page to get notifications every time they go live

5. If you teach contemporary styles and you’re into WELL-PRODUCED, VERY ENGAGING, SUPER-ON-POINT YouTube content? You gotta’ check out Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'voice DR DAN'S ESSENTIALS'

I am not a super-youtube person** and even *I* check out Dr. Dan’s stuff on the regular. I also recommend his videos to my voice ped students. YES I DO.***

FRI FAV FIVE BONUS: If you’re cool with having absolutely no idea when or where they’re going to turn up****, like/follow my FaceBook Page for Voice Ped-related Lives in which I pick a Voice Ped topic at random and talk about it for, like, twenty minutes or so.

My lives are super informal and you’ll likely learn a bit more about me than you wanted to but they’re also VERY INFORMATIVE (or so people say).

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT MY VOICE PED FRIENDS. Five (well, six) FREE resources to get you started on your voice ped journey.

#teachyourfaceoff | #voicepedyourfaceoff,

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* If you want to get past the starter pack? You’re going to want to pay for that, my friend. And maybe in next week’s #FRIFAVFIVE, I’ll talk about five of the #bestbangforyourbuck voice ped resources out there … or maybe not. I’m unpredictable like that.

** My subscription list is, well, weak. In addition to Dr Dan’s channel (is it even called a channel? I DON’T KNOW.) and some random stuff that I think my kid signed me up for, here’s the list:

  • CBC Comedy (because: Schitt’s Creek & Baroness von Sketch; only two of the best comedy shows IN. THE. WORLD. #IAMCANADIAN)
  • Singwise & Tom Burke (because: gooood voiceped content, yo!)
  • Laila Biali (because: HAVE YOU HEARD HER MUSIC? HAVE YOU?!)
  • KenHub (because: I have a passing (heh) interest in (some very specific parts of) the human body)
  • Vanessa Long (because: this friend of mine dishes out the business and coaching truth bombs by the bucketfull and if I ever actually watched YouTube, I bet I would learn ALLL THE THINGS from her)
  • Yoga with Adriene (because: back before I got on board with the fact that I will only do yoga if I am in a CLASS because, well, I am a “people person” (to put it mildly) and I am not motivated to do things if I have to be BY MYSELF to do them? I (and SIX MILLION OTHER PEOPLE) found Adriene)

*** Full disclosure: I may or may not have been a guest on one or several of Dr. Dan’s live YouTube shows. #justsayin

**** I mean … I TRIED being consistent. That one time. But, ummm … #notreallymything. 😉


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