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Written By Shannon Coates

On 26th March 2020

if you’re exhausted by online teaching, here’s a little reminder of something you already know …

My therapist* recently sent out a message to her clients talking about the fact that our amygdalas are overly-engaged at the moment (to put it into laymen’s terms (AKA: the only way I understand it), the current state of unknown in our lives leads us to be in a constant FIGHT-FLIGHT-FREEZE scenario, emotionally) which, you know, not good.

And then, ON TOP OF THAT, so many of us voice teachers are doing the whole PIVOT thing from in-person to online teaching and finding ourselves EXHAUSTED by the end of what used to be considered a normal teaching day.

But you wanna’ know something? We singers have a SUPER-ADVANTAGE over the general population: we already know how to use breathing and body engagement to focus and ground ourselves. Even if we’ve kind of maybe forgotten that whole thing in the past few weeks just because, well, SEE THAT FIRST PARAGRAPH WHERE I GET ALL FANCY AND TALK ABOUT THE AMYGDALA AND STUFF.

So? I did a little reminder video about engaging with your breath and body to focus and ground yourself so not only can you get some super-awesome teaching done, but you can calm that amygdala right the heck back down. You can watch the video on my FaceBook page by clicking on THIS LINK, or you can scroll on down and watch it right here on this post. YOUR CHOICE.

You’ve got this, friend.

* yes. I have a therapist. ARE YOU EVEN SURPRISED BY THIS?


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