Sunday Funday (or something like that)

Written By Shannon Coates

On 26th January 2020

(if you have a few minutes of down-time today, consider taking a look at these excellent, recently-released blog posts that are alllll about my favourite thing: #voiceped)

Claudia Friedlander head shot

Content Versus Compassion in the Voice Studio

by Claudia Friedlander

When we show our students kindness and help them to feel supported and seen, we send a message that their voice, what they have to say, who they fundamentally are, matters. Whether or not they go on to have a career in singing, that is perhaps the most important lesson any of us can learn.

Brian Lee pic

Specializing and Good Teachers

by D. Brian Lee

Almost every teacher tends to specialize, whether they admit it or not. Some specialize because of the knowledge they pursue, some by attracting a certain kind of student that they click with, others by assigning certain kinds of repertoire that they are the most comfortable with, and others by targeting a market demographic that makes sense for their business plan (if they have a plan).

Justin Petersen

Teacher as Therapist, Part 1

by Edward Foreman

as quoted by Justin Petersen

It is impossible to teach voice without learning a great deal of practical psychology through observation, and it is a wise teacher who arms himself with some rudimentary behavioral information at the outset of his teaching career.

Matthew Edwards Headshot.jpg

“That’s Not How You _________”

by Matt Edwards

” What I know without a doubt is that I want my students to work for the next 50 years. I also know for a fact I do not plan on teaching any more than 30 years from now. … If I train them that my way is the only way and that all other ideas are wrong, they are going to really struggle when they get out into the real world.

Happy reading, friends.


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ps I mean, that’s a lot of words from white folx right there. And, that’s cool. And at the same time? I’d love to hear some words from other sources; who else is out there writing about voice ped that I should know?


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