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You’re a kick-aShannon Coates logo SS icon voice teacher.
You know it and I know it.

And you know that knowing EVERYTHING about the anatomy and physiology of the voice isn’t the BE ALL AND END ALL OF TEACHING.

Because: it really, really isn’t.

Several randomly-placed, brass-coloured cogs lay on a dark grey, patterned surface.

On the other hand, knowing more about the anatomy and physiology of the voice isn’t gonna’ hurt your teaching either. Especially if it’s been a while since you took a voice pedagogy class (and especially, especially if you never took one of those).

In fact? Getting up to date on the latest information about how the vocal instrument works is probably gonna’ be super-validating because, well, remember that first thing I said? You’re a kick-ass voice teacher. And we both know it.

And one of the things that folks who do The Vocal Instrument 101 with me say ON THE REGULAR? Is that they FEEL SO VALIDATED and that they LOVE FINDING OUT WHY THE THINGS THEY ARE ALREADY DOING WORK and that they ARE INSPIRED AND INVIGORATED TO TEACH EVEN MORE.

(It’s true! They DO say those things. Just scroll on down to see ye’ ol’ testimonials.)

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So what’s next?

NEXT is deciding whether you would prefer to do your learning online in a self-directed course that you can review any time at all OR live over a weekend with a cohort of voice teachers just like you who also want to up their anatomy and physiology game.

Once you’ve made THAT decision, click on your preferred option below to get more information and to register.

And once you’ve done THAT? Know that you are so very, very welcome to join me in the next TVI101 Follow Up Teacher Training Practicum where you can join a small cohort of your colleagues in a live, online, super-interactive practicum where we apply, apply, and apply. (It’s kind of magical, actually. But don’t take my word for it; check out the testimonials!)

Folks who work with me say the DARNDEST things!

  • You know what I LOVE? I love it when friends and fellow teachers give me verbiage! diagrams! connectivity! It's like having that one math teacher who finally helps you make sense of trigonometry and you just wanna' sit there and do math problems because it's all so yummy! Thank you to Shannon Coates and your Vocal Instrument 101 Course. I just finished watching the final module and it's so so so good! I encourage every classically based teacher who crosses over and teaches or judges CCM and Musical Theatre students to take this course. Even for us old birds who had tons of pedagogy back in the day, this overview and comparative analysis is freaking fabulous. Brava Shannon!

    Patricia Barrow, Voice Teacher (Herriman, USA)

  • Shannon trained the CFPA voice staff in “The Vocal Instrument 101”. The information given set all of our team up to use the same language when speaking about voice ped or speaking to students, gave us an inside look at the body and how the systems work with each other and what happens when certain things are altered, the science of sound, and more. The value was far above the price, in my opinion.

    Courtney Fowler, Voice Teacher & Owner at CFPA (Paradise, Canada)

  • Engaging teaching style and passion for all things singing

    Nikki Loney, Owner/Author/Publisher at Full Voice Music (Hemford, Canada)

  • As a teaching artist, I loved watching Shannon's expert teaching in action. She provides incredible support and motivation while also ensuring that you meet your specific goals. Shannon has an incredible breadth of knowledge and so many tools in her toolbox! When something wasn't working with some of the more challenging aspects of my technique, she would immediately shift to new exercises that were effective. She is incredibly flexible and thoughtful and never runs out of ideas for ways to help your singing! She is a fountain of knowledge and I am so grateful to be her student:)

    Gabriela Farias, Educator & Voice Teacher (Brampton, Canada)

  • I encourage every classically-based teacher who crosses over and teaches or judges CCM and Musical Theatre students to take this course.

    Patricia Barrow, Voice Teacher (Herriman, USA)

  • Take this course. Do it. it. Shannon is so amazing, and the course is fun, and you can do it on your own timeline. Plus, it’s a great review for us old cronies and gre at info for those who have not had Vocal Ped before. Great pacing that you can review any time ... SO worth spending your continuing ed money on!

    Patricia Barrow, Voice Teacher (Herriman, USA)

  • I signed up for the POPUP because I'm always looking for ways to refresh and reframe my teaching. I knew that coming together with a group of people connected via Shannon would be the perfect opportunity to reflect, refresh, and reframe. My teaching schedule is not a regulated/ by-the-week structure - so I worried that there would be discussions most pertinent to that scheduling style of teaching. But, of course, that's ridiculous. The way you schedule your studio doesn't mean anything about someone's teaching style or pedagogy.

    I loved that our group had teachers who specialize in a wide variety of genres and who have a vast wealth of experience. I was expecting the content that you offered to be stellar - and it was! I loved that we had some sessions that were more conversational and that we also had sessions that you led. I actually really liked the variety of facebook and zoom and marco polo. And, actually, I wish we could leave our FB group active!

    Maureen Batt, Soprano, Teacher, Artistic Director, Recording Artist (Halifax, Canada)

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