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This little section of my website is dedicated to making sure you don’t fall through the cracks.


So, if you wanna’

  • be the first to know about upcoming classes, courses, and oh, I don’t know, THE VOICEPED UNDEGREE join the #voicepedrev(olution) mailing list and check the ‘events & classes info‘ box
  • have some #voicepedforreallife delivered to your inbox on the weekly, join the #voicepedrev(olution) mailing list and check the ‘weekly roundup‘ box
  • get a little #voicepedbloglove delivered to your inbox whenever the mood to write strikes me, join the #voicepedrev(olution) mailing list and check the ‘new blog post‘ box
  • hear from me ONLY RARELY (which: I get it), join the #voicepedrev(olution) mailing list and check the ‘voicepedlove‘ box
  • book me to speak for your class, studio, or group of voice teachers, click on over to What I Talk About to figure out if I’ve got something you want to hear about and then click on over to Book Me to, well, book me
  • know what’s coming up and when or where you can train with me next, click on over to Events and see what might work for you
  • engage with me on social media, be sure you’re following me on the platform of your choice (check out the full listing right up under my picture and at the bottom of this page; I’m pretty sure I’ve got something for everyone)
  • book me for a #voicepedconsult, fill in the form over there under my picture and I’ll get back to you with rates, etc.

And if none of those options are working for you? Drop me a line by filling in the form just under my picture I make zero promises about getting back to you in a decent time frame but I will certainly try!

Please note that I do not offer voice lessons at this time. If you’d like voice lessons for yourself or for your child (which: YAY!!!! VOICE LESSONS ARE THE BEST!), I recommend using the Find a Teacher function in these organizations to start:

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NATS logo.
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