giving tuesday

Written By Shannon Coates

On 27th November 2018

it’s an american thing …

… this frenetic lead-up to Christmas that starts with Veterans’ Day and goes through Thanksgiving, while barreling through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now Giving Tuesday, barely pausing to catch a breath before sliding head-long into Christmas (and Boxing Day).  We are soooo much more civilized in Canada, of course, what with our Thanksgiving occurring well before Remembrance Day and leaving space between 11th November and 24th December to properly celebrate.

But I must admit to being slightly enamored with this idea of Giving Tuesday; a day to intentionally NOT purchase something but to DONATE something. And, of course, given the nature of our relationship with our HUGE and POWERFUL neighbours to the south, Canadians are getting in on some of that Black Friday / Cyber Monday action (I know I did: HELLO THERE NEW RED TURTLE NECK SWEATER THAT I MAY OR MAY NOT BE WEARING RIGHT NOW) and, hopefully some of that Giving Tuesday action as well.

And if you own a voice studio, what better way to do some good in the world than to take the opportunity to give on behalf of the studio? I’ve done this for a few years now: donate a large lump sum (I calculate it by multiplying $10-15 by the number of students in my studio) to a charity of your choice (especially one that fosters music or the arts) on behalf of your studio. Then give everyone in the studio a card (and maybe a sticker or two because: I teach young children too) with a message letting them know how happy you are to be able to donate to such and such a charity in the name of the studio, and wishing them the joy of the season.

It’s a pretty simple way to not have to stress about getting presents for every single person in your studio. (#yourewelcome) And? You get to spread a little joy while you’re not stressing. How great is that?






ps if you know of / are associated with / run a charity that would be ideal for a voice studio to donate to, I hope you’ll leave a comment so we can get some great ideas going!


  1. Kelly Wrigglesworth

    For those of you with a passion for the arts, for young people, for the community of Oxford, please remember K2K Productions with YFC/Youth Unlimited. Our program allows ALL young people, to join together in a safe, and fully accepting community. Our productions are the tool that we use to show these kids that they are loved, accepted and encouraged to be themselves. They receive instruction in singing, dancing and acting, and for those that aren’t interested in being on the stage, they are taught the value in the behind-the-scenes work. In a time where young people are struggling, we show them that they are not alone, and that they are valued for the unique contribution that each one brings, and that there is hope.

    I have committed to personally raise money for this program so that I can work with these kids full time and any support you can give, would be greatly appreciated.

    Whichever charity you choose to support, thank you!

    • Shannon Coates

      So fabulous!! Love it!!

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