What an incredible ride this #voicepedjourney is, eh?

One day, you think, “hey, maybe I’ll try this voice teaching thing out because this 9-5 in a financial office is really not for me” (and you also think, “I should probably try it now, while I am on 12-month paid parental leave after having my first kid” (because: Canadian)) and …

Several randomly-placed, brass-coloured cogs lay on a dark grey, patterned surface.

GAH! I can’t EVEN with these fabulous voice teachers!

  • I love learning the science behind why we do what we do instinctively!

    Jessica Khakov, Voice Teacher (Orlando, USA)

  • Shannon, thank you for continually challenging us to choose our words with care and to keep questioning.

    Gillian Ramm, Voice Teacher & Soprano (Brighton, UK)

  • Shannon is one of the FEW people I can learn vocal ped from and understand it and have FUN!

    Amanda Kaiser, Singer, Actor, Coach & Founder at Sing City Vocal Studio (Las Vegas, USA)

  • Shannon’s approach is fun and knowledgeable.

    M.J. Johnson, Voice Teacher & Coach (Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada)

  • I can't tell you how many times this semester I have thought of our class and the great discussions we had over the summer. The positive, supportive, exploratory approach that you use, Shannon, has given me so much to play with as a teacher. This might sound weird, but it's a relief to not feel like I have to know everything.

    Dr. Jennifer Swanson, Assistant Professor & Performance Area Coordinator, University of Windsor School of Creative Arts (Windsor, Canada)

  • I was finally able to sit down this morning and watch the whole video on Neurodivergent Voice, and this was one of my favorite ones EVER. Your passion (of course deeply inspired) and knowledge of the content, combined with the practical application as you always do was stunning. I look forward to diving even deeper into it, and exploring further the idea trees and mapping with several students in particular.

    Heather Romig, Voice Teacher (Berthoud, USA)

  • Do yourself a favor and take Dr. Shannon Coates's Neurodivergent Pop Up Class. Shannon brings you up-to-date language and typical behaviors of the various neuro-divergencies and includes some brain science. She starts discussions on how we, as teachers, can meet people where they are and help them accept themselves. The class also spoke to me personally. Highly recommend!

    Cate Frazier-Neely, Singing Teacher, Voice Pedagogue, Author (North Kensington, USA)



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