In The VoicePed UnDegree, we will thoroughly explore the science of learning and the art of teaching. We will apply it all in a validating environment with a cohort of voice teachers who, just like you, want to maximize their teaching for the most effective, energizing, and, well, kick-ass teaching they’ve ever done.

Oh. And we’re gonna’ make all this magic from the comfort of your own home so you can still kiss your babies’ faces goodnight or Netflix and chill or grab takeout from your favourite Thai place around the corner.

  • You’re an engaging teacher with tonnes to offer AND the singers you really want to work with never seem to end up (or stay) in your studio
  • You’re so tired of seeking validation because you don’t have the *right degree* (or any degree) AND you’re pretty danged sure you don’t need validation OR a degree to be an effective teacher
  • The singers you work with are getting better every day AND you’re gettin’ reeeeaaal bored of the sameold-sameold exercises
  • You’re afraid that because you can’t explain how a microphone works and what it means to gig, you’re going to let your popular musics singers down AND you have Billie Eilish, Nina Simone, and Ed Sheeren on repeat play
  • You’re not lying when you say you’ve got some badass teaching chops AND you know you weren’t exactly given a legacy of well-considered and -informed pedagogy and you’re wondering how much better things could be if you invested in what you need to make your own danged legacy
  • You’re tired of piecing together your pedagogy from all the corners of the voice pedagogy universe (WHY CAN’T IT JUST ALL BE IN ONE PLACE, ALREADY?)
  • You already did The Vocal Instrument 101 (or something like it). Shoot, you’ve even done all the VoicePed Classes, POPUPs, and Practicums and still, you want more…

Not gonna’ lie: SO DO I.

So, this is what I came up with.

Introducing, The VoicePed UnDegree.

A two-semester (30-week) course that has an academic structure but gives you all the things academia can’t:

  • Pre-recorded lectures to peruse at your leisure w the accompanying workbooks
  • Live seminar classes – where we discuss as a cohort
  • Live labs – where you work out what you’re learning in real time by teaching it to and with each other
    You choose how you want to submit your answers to graded discussion topics:
  • Written, audio-visual, one-on-one convo, or some other thing you come up with
  • We decide together how you’re going to get an A+ (in fancy, academic terms, that means we co-create participants’ assessment criteria / grading rubric)

GASP! Just Imagine!

A two-semester Teacher Certification for #StayPutScholars

who are already kind of kicking ass in the teaching department AND who want to dig real deep into their understanding of how the voice works.

Image of a steampunk heart with gears inside. This icon is part of the Dr. Shannon Coates brand.

I taught voice for 20 years & when I retired & took some courses, I felt like I had missed all of the research & was intimidated by all the technical terminology. Then I worked with you & although you know the anatomy & physiology, you focus on communication & feeling without getting too “sciencey”. I feel like you’ve brought me full circle!

– Elspeth Maynard

“I still fight a lifetime of internalizing how it’s “supposed” to sound but that’s what propels me to support my students so they find joy in music making & not burden them with judgements & “shoulds”. And this is where it starts! In groups like this, we start changing the narrative of what singing and teaching singing is.”

– Marnie Ward

“The biggest takeaway from working with you is realizing how much deconditioning from the classical world I’ve done. And recognizing that in myself while starting from a place of trusting myself & embracing authenticity. And that’s the main thing I want to give my students, no matter what they want to do – the courage to trust themselves.”

– Jo Turner

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