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YOU ARE A VOICE TEACHER WHO WANTS SOME CLARIFICATION AROUND A SPECIFIC VOICE PED TOPIC… (which: check the column on the side of this page for upcoming classes on all the topics)

Several randomly-placed, brass-coloured cogs lay on a dark grey, patterned surface.

… but you don’t have time to read every new voice ped text that’s come out in the last decade and look up every last paper citation while making beautiful notes in the margins of said texts for reference, and/or for posting to social media forums to look super-smart, and/or for later review (because: ummm … if you don’t have time to read the danged texts in the first place what are the chances you have time to review them? #prettyslimjim).

You want the #voicepedforreallife RIGHT NOW so you can go back to #teachingyourfaceoff, #thankyouverymuch.


Here’s what the thing is:

  • $97 investment
  • 90-120 minute voice ped TED-ish talk on specific topics related to teaching voice (check that column to your right for upcoming topics and classes, friend)
  • ALL the IMMEDIATELY APPLICABLE information I can jam into one session
  • access to the raw recording for 21 days following the class
  • wicked-cool infographics to share with your friends (probably)
  • $50 savings on the two-week, follow up, same-subject Voice Teacher Practicum (click on over to the Voice Teacher Practicum page to see what those are all about)


Ohhh… just a few kind words from POPUP Voice Ped Class past participants (say THAT ten times fast)…

  • You've brought me full circle in my teaching, Shannon! I spent years teaching voice based solely on imagery (which was the way that voice was taught to me) and then I retired from classroom teaching and had the time to take some voice pedagogy courses.

    Suddenly, I felt like I had missed out on the past twenty years of research and was intimidated by all the voice teachers using what seemed like purely technical terminology to teach voice.

    Then I listen to you, and I see that, although you know all the anatomy and physiology and can teach it, you still stress the need to communicate to our students about feeling and imagery rather than getting too "sciencey". So, I take inspiration from that and am learning to combine the imagery with the technical terminology to facilitate the deeper learning of my students.

    Thank you for all that you do!

    Elspeth Maynard: Voice Teacher & (Retired) Classroom Educator (Windsor, Canada)

  • I needed a bit of time to process the amazing vocal ped weekend that we just shared, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for doing what you do. I've been in a bit of a... slump. All things considered, my life is pretty great and my pandemic experience has been better than most, but I haven't felt... inspired in a while, artistically or otherwise. I was still teaching my kids, but feeling mediocre at it, at best. For the first time in basically all of my life I have basically stopped singing, and even weirder for me is that I didn't feel compelled to do anything about it. And then I heard you speak on a podcast a few months ago and the way you were talking about your course... it was like it was you were speaking right to my soul, like this course was created specifically for me. The gaps that I've been feeling in my teaching didn't have to be permanent- there were resources available to me, things I could do NOW to be a better teacher for my students. Your course was everything I was hoping for and more. I feel engaged in what I do again, and empowered as an educator, excited to have these new tools. What I wasn't expecting to get out of this weekend was an excitement and urge to sing again. I am inspired and invigorated to get back into the studio and try out all of these great ideas, and I feel more like me than I have in a while.

    Lisa Mulgrew, Voice Teacher (Lethbridge, Canada)

  • Dr. Coates's wealth of information, warmth, and vivacious energy made this practicum an absolutely wonderful and enriching experience.

    Tatum D'Souza, Singer, Voice Teacher, Founder at The Vocal Studio (Mumbai, India)

  • I love learning the science behind why we do what we do instinctively!

    Jessica Khakov, Voice Teacher (Orlando, USA)

  • I am currently doing a Voice Ped Practicum with Shannon and a group of fabulous voice teachers. The Practicum gave me an opportunity to dive into learning in a hands on, non traditional way that sparked my excitement, interest and curiosity. My co-workers have noticed my joy at work, which is in part due to having our classes spaced out to meet restrictions (which gives me time to BREATHE), but also due to the fact I am excited to go in to work and see RESULTS in my students. I feel valuable. I know when I meet an issue I don’t understand, I have a support group to offer help, insight, and the most current research around any given topic. If we don’t know, we learn together. I am asking questions and getting answers. I am finding new sounds within myself. I am finding myself practicing more, making plans, and dreaming. I am literally full of happiness because I feel I have found something special in what Shannon offers to people like me (aka voice teachers who have not received their doctorate in voice but are successfully working in the field). My confidence is soaring because of the knowledge I have and the results I am seeing.

  • Sending off this message to let you know how much I enjoyed the course this spring! I learned a ton - especially around trying to implement more accurate language in working to coordinate efficient vocal function. Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise! Looking forward to connecting again!

    If you’re interested in doing professional development in Vocal Pedagogy I would highly recommend The Vocal Instrument 101 Live course & Follow-Up Teacher Training Practicum! Dr. Shannon Coates has an incredible wealth of information to share regarding vocal anatomy and physiology. The material is easy to understand and delivered in a flexible, approachable format. Shannon’s expertise and passion for vocal pedagogy comes through in her engaging lessons and discussions around all things voice! If you’re looking to connect with other vocal teachers in a meaningful and supportive way while expanding your voice ped knowledge under the guidance of one of our industry’s leading educators, I would encourage you to enroll!

    Rachelle Courtney, Voice Teacher & Owner at The Voice Studio London (London, Canada)

  • It was invaluable to have Shannon's insightful and incredibly knowledgeable guidance on aspects of my teaching. She helped me get really specific about providing concise feedback to my students during their voice lessons. This meant less talking for me and more singing for my students; not to mention more meaningful instructions and better results from my singers! Win, win!

    Gabriela Farias, Educator & Voice Teacher (Brampton, Canada)



If you’re an independent voice teacher in 2022? Chances are high, you’re working with young children in your voice studio. Or you want to. And if you are (or you want to), I hope you’ll consider joining me in a class where we figure out the anatomy & physiology of the child voice so you can have appropriate expectations and get some even deeper learning going in the voice studio.


Nothing like hormones to really mess with your equilibrium, eh? Guess what else they mess with? Oh, just the entire vocal instrument. Yep. Which is why I designed this class; to give teachers like you the anatomy & physiology FACTS you need to be able to teach this population even better than you already do.


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