I am Indian classical singer who has done the Vocal Instrument 101 and absolutely loved how Shannon packs so much depth of information with such an engaging, relatable, fun, and kind teaching approach. When she offered the Popup VoicePed course, I was really interested to follow up on concepts from the Vocal Instrument and more. I was looking to answer specific questions that were applications of the concepts in the Vocal Instrument in my body and style. I received so much specific feedback during the Popup to my personal voice and teaching related questions, both through the group sessions and the individual Marco Polo interactions. Because I come from a non-Western style, I wasn’t sure if I would fit into the group sessions, but I was surprised and delighted to discover that so many of our issues in understanding the voice and teaching go beyond style. The Popup has widened my awareness of my vocal mechanism, and given me many new applicable tools in my practice and teaching studio. Thank you, Shannon!

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